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daredevil (Tim Wormuth)

You wrote:Have you now resorted to lies….saying things I have not said ?

I am quoting your exact words Tim. ‘Will anyone get into heaven without an understanding, of the Biblical definition of sin ? The Bible says…NO !’

Presumably you agree with what you say the Bible says about who goes to heaven.

According to your understanding of what the Bible says, no one can get into heaven unless they can understand.

Furthermore, what they need to understand is ‘the Biblical definition of sin‘, whatever you imagine that to be.

Thus by your theological argument, children and idiots are barred from heaven because, (as we all know full well), they cannot understand definitions of any kind.

You may accuse me of resorting to lies. In fact I have used exactly the same method of presenting what you have said, as you use in presenting what The Bible ‘says’.

The Bible does not say anyone is precluded from heaven because ‘they have no understanding of the Biblical definition of sin’. Those words are nowhere to be found in the Bible.

Are you now resorting to lies . . . saying things it has not said.

Love Chris.

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