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Greg Wilson

To those who believe Sabbath worshipping is no longer needed.

1) Did Christ follow the Sabbath, or not follow the Sabbath?

1b) If they did, why did they follow the Sabbath?

1c) If they did not, would that mean they broke the 4th commandment, and therefore sinned? Isn’t that impossible given that Jesus never sinned?

2) When Christ refers to follow my commandments is he refering to the 10 commandments given to Moses?

3) If the Sabbath was given as rest for the people to prevent them from overworking. The people after Christ needed rest probably just as much as the people prior to Christ, doesn’t that imply the Sabbath is still needed?

4) Sometimes it is brought up that God should be worshipped everyday, that Sabbath worship means to only praize God on the Sabbath, however does that mean people who are currently Jewish, Jews prior to Christ, and SDAs can’t and didn’t worship God on a daily basis?

Thanks, there is no need to answer all the questions I have asked. I’ll appreciate answers given to any of those questions.

Trying to live with Christ,


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