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gregw (GregW):

You asked, (a little off thread but what the heck): what evidence do you feel implies that Christians should not follow the Sabbath?

The verse you cited previously and some others that imply that Sabbath Keeping (on special days with special rules), is not where God considers our priorities should be. Certainly we should have legislation to ensure that everybody gets time for rest, recreation, and spiritual refreshment, no one should be worked 24/7 and exploited, as would have happened in OT times had there not been Laws against it.

Did Christ follow the Sabbath? Did his disciples?

Yes, but he had a fairly relaxed attitude to the whole thing by comparrison to the Pharisees.

Is there evidence that Christ did not want Christians to follow the Sabbath? No, But I think there is plenty of evidence that he thought our priorities about how we live were in many other wayswrong as well and need to come in line with His teachings.

Why would God ask Jews to follow the Sabbath in OT, however say differently in NT?

Priorities again. First, ancient Jewish society needed to experience what life could be like with one day off a week. Before the sabbath laws everybody except the rich and powerful had to work 24/7, no day off, till they dropped. That’s a recipe for social disorder and a mentally sick society. There was no day off when they wereslaves in Egypt. We might be heading there again, mind you, if present day capitalist legislators have their way. Be warned.

Q. what do you think of Tim’s idea that morons and children who do not yet understand ‘the biblical definition of sin’, do not go to heaven? Does that kind of intellectual discrimination on God’s part seem plausible to you, in view of what Jesus said about children?

Love Chris.

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