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i guess i’m going to be a dissenter. i think dating as a teenager is okay in some situations. i dated throughout high school and it did not corrupt me or cause me to lose my virginity. my sister has been with her boyfriend since highschool and now they’re engaged (and yes i know this is an exception). i think as long as there are some ground rules and open communication, especially with your parents it can work. i know when i start dating a guy i sit down with them and lay out ‘ground rules’ so to speak. when both people are aware of the boundries of the relationship it helps a lot.

and yeah in high school i wasn’t looking for mr. right but i now maybe have a better idea of what i’m looking for in a guy. it also made me think about my values and what i want a relationship to be.

i don’t know maybe i’m some weird oddity but i think if you approach dating in a Godly and responsible manner it can work.

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