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Susie A

“But, when did suicide come to be no longer considered the most horrible sin a christian could commit..”


Jeanne, I don’t know what kind of church backround you were exposed to, but I never heard this said before>>>Suicide–the “most horrible sin a christian can comitt?” Sin…is sin. I do remember people didn’t talk about it, it was one of the “untouchable” subjects. Yet, if hating people is a sin, and considered murder from the heart (according to the scriptures), then where can we start to categorize which sins are worse or better than another? A serial killer is sinning, and yet, so is the person who hates, or steals, or tries to manipulate to get their own way. According to God, manipulation is the same as practising witchraft. We don’t have to sit and wonder what is a worse sin than another. We know that sin means: “to miss the mark or intended purpose in a matter or thing”. And I havn’t met a person yet who is exempt from this, (except for Christ). He knows our frailties and weaknesses & potential to do wrong, and was well-aware of this before He came to earth to die for us. It’s not like we can SHOCK Him, or surprise Him. He never told us “you can get away with this sin and this sin, but not this one.” The “unpardonable sin” has nothing to do with suicide, it is about rejecting God, and if one is concerned about their spiritual condition at all, they aren’t guilty of this sin, but even moreso… the unpardonable sin is a developed mindset that has been allowed to go beyond the point of know return. God knows we aren’t perfect (as much as some would like to believe), and if He expected us to perform perfectly without His help, He wouldn’t have sent Jesus. If He killed everyone who sins, we’d all be dead. I’ve been trying to communicate to you, that alot of christian beliefs & teachings have been fallacies & fiction. How can that be? Easy. Just take a look at the way christians differ in beliefs right now, and it hinges on not studying the original texts & words of the scriptures. (Not to mention, we humans have a habit of arrogantly concluding what things mean, rather than getting it right). God didn’t tell us “If you seek me, you will find me, if you can conclude what everything means on your own”. No, He said, “If you search for me with all your heart”. Not “some of” your heart. Not “if you can live a moral life” or “follow after the traditions of men”. A loving father is not going to reject and disown His child, just because the child makes mistakes or has weaknesses, or is willful. The focus isn’t on what the child does wrong, but what that child can become under the guidence & disciplines & love of his father. Suicide?

Just another way we can get it wrong. Can death stop God from working in a person’s life? (Well, if you believe when we die we nolonger exist, and there is no God, I guess so). But God’s Word says, “he who has begun a perfect work in you, will finish it….will finish it…will FINISH it.” Listen, to that……………….Your idea of what a loving God is, Jeanne, is not too far from the truth. Your confusions are due to what man has put in your head. Not God. He’s not this bully who is ready to hit us with a hammer, and throw us into a fire if we fail. (Although many “christians” will try to claim this). God’s plan is bigger than your friend’s decision to kill herself, bigger than man’s confusions and misinterpretations. Bigger than “religion”, bigger than anything we can dish out to Him. He has A PLAN, Jeanne. He didn’t create us, so that we would choose to dance for Him, or go to hell. It isn’t like that. Your public thoughts & questions here, are actually inviting those that would like to tell you “yes, your friend is going to hell & is damned” and it isn’t up to them to answer your questions. Don’t leave the most important questions in the hands of mere human beings. If you were to study the scriptures in the original texts, it would cause you to WANT a relationship with God more than anything. To “fear Him” is not about being terrified of Him if we don’t comply. It is to recognize His power & authority and awesome love for us, and bow down to it out of gratefulness, not out of terror. To “fear Him” is to know that He’s right about what He has communicated to us, and to comply with Him…is to be secure, not scared. You want answers? I’d be willing to assist in helping you find them yourself, and could share what I’ve learned about certain things, and point out where they can be found…but it is God’s Word that will give us the answers we seek, not people on a message board.

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