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I agree that we should always choose life, unless circumstances are truly dire. I think your words of comfort are exactly what families need to hear if they are christians. Again, I thank you for them.

But, when did suicide come to be no longer considered the most horrible sin a christian could commit…If one is very devout, is not the threat of enternity without ones deity a nightmare without end? I would think that damnation would keep christians from committing suicide, but it does not?

Are you saying that each person finds their own way with god? That there are no fast rules to salvation or damnation?

When I was young, suicide was not spoken of, and the funeral’s of such were often refused by the church. It was a shame, it was a sin, it was unforgivable.

It has always been difficult for me to understand why that should have been, and I think that the more sensitive christianity is to the families of suicides the better for those left behind, so the change is good to my mind. But it is a change.

Yet, our highschools promote suicide as an option when the fist taste of Shakespeare many teens get is Romeo and Juliet. It is romanticised. A better world together.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe suicide is not a sin..just a mistake, a poor choice. That seems to work for today, and families are better for it.

But if someone thought there would be damnation or if one thought there would only be an end to existance, might not life be considered more carefully before someone ended it?

I guess I am really just thinking outloud. Thank you TrueFreedome for bothering with my thoughts.


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