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Dear Father, I come before you in Jesus’s name, and with your Holy Spirit, I bring Danyel before you. Lord I ask that You bring good samaratins to Danyel, to help her; even other moms with children near the age of her children. I pray she has a close decent neighbour. I pray that her husband take her out to socialize, the best they can, when he is home. I pray they get to Church, a very socializing Church. I pray You touch her pain everytime she goes out the door. Talk to Pappa Lord, have him bring home lots of activity games for the kids. Touch the father’s heart with an overwelming love and endurance for all.

Send Danyel with a best friend; may all telephone and computer bills be paid, always, and bless them. Give Danyel a love for the country.

I pray this in Jesus’s name, Jessie

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