The authority given to us is over our own evils and false ideas in ourselves, not over others.Only the Lord who is God has authority over us. The authority is not given to one person, but to many. My church has no authority over me. Man himself makes the church. The Lord gives authority to all who who look to Him and repent. A person who cannot resist evil has not been given authority, because they do not look to the Lord, especially people who deny God.When left alone to themselves all kinds of evil thoughts enter their minds. Satan is their friend, and like satan, those who deny God think foolishly. The authority the Lord gives to us is over hell.


26.And he who overcomes and keeps My works even to the end

signifies those who are actually in charity and the faith therefrom, and continue in them even to the end of life.

To him will I give authority or power over the nations

signifies that they shall overcome within themselves the evils that are from hell.

Swedenborg wrote the Catholics come in heaven more easily than the Protestants because they kept the Lord’s works by doing penance. In my church we called penance,repentance.

You will find that penance or repentance comes easy when God is believed and thought of as one Person.


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