[verse 26] ‘And he who overcomes and keeps My works even to the end’ signifies those who fight against evils and untruths and are reformed, and are actually in charity and faith, and continue in them even to the end of life. That ‘to overcome’ is to fight against evils and untruths. The ‘works’ are charity and faith therefrom in act. It is plain that ‘to keep them even to the end’ is to be in them and continue in them even to the end of life.

‘To him will I give authority over the nations’ signifies that they shall overcome within themselves the evils that are from hell. That by ‘nations’ in the Word are understood those who are in good, and in the Opposite sense those who are in evil, thus abstractly goods and evils, may be seen below. Here, therefore, by ‘giving authority over the nations’ is signified giving them [the ability] to overcome within themselves evils from hell.

The authority is not over men in the world, but over evil and untruth in one self. All angels have this authority from the Lord. The Apostles were given this authority,and so were the early Christians, and believe it or not I too was given this authority. If I mix good with evil the authority is taken away from me. No need to be a Pope or a Bishop to have authority. Only the Lord gives authority to persons.


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