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Most Jews will deny any sort of thing as temple virgins. But then, that is to be expected, considering that they deny any aspect of the Old Testament to tie into the Christian understanding of the Messiah. Consider the following link:

Is Jesus Really the Jewish Messiah?

The following is the Jewish counter-argument to the claim we make of Jesus as Messiah regarding the virgin birth:

* “The Jewish Messiah is to be a mortal human being born to two mortal parents. He is neither to be a god, nor a man born of supernatural or virgin birth. There is nothing in the Bible that states that the Messiah would be a god or God-like, or that he would be born to a virgin. The concept of the former contradicts the Jewish concept of God being above and beyond taking human form and limitations. Jews believe that only God should be worshipped, not a being of His creation, not even the Messiah himself. Besides, nowhere in the Bible is there any virgins giving birth. This idea is only found in pagan mythology, where virgins often bare offsping of gods. The only purpose of the concept of virgin birth is to attract pagans to Christianity.”

So, ultimaltely, if we decide to consider the Jewish argument, not only are we to deny the perpetual virginity of Mary, but the virgin birth itself, that through the power of the Holy Spirit was Jesus concieved in Mary’s womb, as well as the divinity of Jesus.

Therefore, Judaism is not necessarily a reliable source for trying to figure out about the Temple Virgins, being that most likely, Jews will deny it, as they deny many other things that we believe to be true about the messiah. So, in saying that a Jewish Rabbi denies the temple virgins should not be such a strange thing, considering that, from the start of the new era, they have denied many things regarding the Messiah. If we are, then, to believe as Judaism does, then we ultimately would have to deny Jesus. This is the major problem with trying to find similarities between Judaism and Christainity regarding the Messiah.

Therefore, it may be of a better idea to try to figure out how it is that certain Jews came to deny the common views of the Jews concerning the Messiah, and how they came to the Christain, and even the Catholic understanding that includes the temple virgins. As for testimonies from the Catholic converts from Judaism, here are a few to check out:

Jewish Father Catholic Son (audio – Roy Schoeman tells how he made the difficult decision to become Catholic even though it meant disappointing his Jewish Father. )

Mary Our Jewish Mother(audio – Rosalind Moss, a Jewish convert, speaks on Mary the Mother of God)

The Jewish Roots of Catholicism (audio – The Journey Home with guest Bob Fishman, a Jewish convert.)

* Other Jewish converts that were guests on The Journey Home

Joni Seith

Michael Ross

David Moss

Dr. Paul Schenck (Also a former reformed Epicopal Minister)

Dr. Ronda Chervin

Also, consider the following website: Association of Hebrew Catholics

One last link I would like others to consider, and this time it is a text, is Rosalind Moss’ article “When Heaven Can Wait” from the Sandiego News Notes. In particular, the following of which she wrote speaks to me: “Apologetics is not only about, nor dependent on, our having all the answers. It cannot be. No one, no matter how brilliant or informed he is, will have every answer for every soul. God is the one who opens the heart to hear. He is able to give grace even in the midst of our lack.” She also goes on to write:

“So I didn’t worry so much about all the accusations that were hurled at me that evening about the corruption of the Church through history. I simply acknowledged that it is a remarkable thing that a Church with such a history of sin and sinners should still exist in unity after 2,000 years, while in less than 500 years Protestantism has split many thousands of times. If the Catholic Church were man’s doing, it never could have stood amid today’s scandals nor the sins of the past — for 200 years, let alone for 2,000.”

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