You know I can’t say much because it appears that you have put your heart into your thoughts here. The criticisms you have leveled are not original they have been written on here time and again.

There were problems with it I agree but at no time in history has this period of the life of Christ been depicted so realistically.

There are many Catholic bretheren on this forum of whom I believe know the Lord well and even though you have the right to criticize the film, I don’t it would represent the heart of Jesus in any fashion to speak with such prejudice and displeasure of the Catholics.

Every written work or Film work has what is called a dramatic or literary license to be presented as the composer of the work sees it in his mind. It would be an impossible feat to present this period in film from the eye of one group alone and their interpretation of the period. Can you see a great dramatic work presented from the eyes of the Charismatics of which Iam one?? No I think not. Like it or not this film took a great deal in the financial realm as well as human and emotional tolls. From the first day on the set to the last screening in a theater the miraculous has been associated with it. I think you should way your words before speaking with such Passion

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