Okay, so forgetting even the catholic aspect, we are still presented with a different gospel.

We have a beating that is ridiculous. Just beating and beating and beating because all Mel knows is that physical sufferings paid for the sins of the world. So, did the Roman soldiers, they were the administrators of God’s justice, did somehow they beat Him just enough to pay for the sins of the world? That represents a false gospel.

Christ paid the penalty for our sins ON THE CROSS. It wasn’t just the physical suffering, although that was horrible enough, it was the spiritual suffering he endured. The bible says that God laid on Him the sins of the whole world. He bore all our sins on the cross. He paid the penalty for the whole world. He made His soul an offering for our sin. It was a spiritual suffering – so that aspect is completely missing from this movie, making it a false gospel.

There are so many unbiblical things in this movie, one after the other, that come from the visions of a mystic nun, actually 2 nuns and a saint. It’s not biblical. It is very sad.

Now on the other hand, there are people who have taken advantage of the interest in this passion movie to give the gospel out at theaters, and we’ve got friends maybe talking about it, and so it has opened the door like Christmas and Easter time both do, and I can’t fault them for that.

But again, it is a false presentation of the passion of Christ. It really is.

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