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Trinichic (Rhonda) questions …

“… some people believe that due to this longing, this need to understand why people die, why we suffer, all these things, need for faith etc. we create a God to worship. I believe it is the opposite. … God makes us feel this longing towards Him so that we will lean on, depend, and believe in Him. He is, and we in our head do look for something bigger, just as He wants us to so that we will come to him. What do you think?”

It doesn’t matter, does it, if God is real or imagined. He is in our minds and hearts. He is essential to our human spirit. Being there He does enable us to more readily surrender to things bigger than we and also to nurture in us in courage and spirit and resolve to remedy some of the not so biggers that we. God is real even if He is imagined!

I’m going for the real and I’m looking forward to, when that time comes, to the hereafter with ancestors and all being part of it.

Jeanne wrote …

“I think the nurturing is why people cling to deity belief. To believe that there is a loving father who will protect you and comfort you and guide you is a wonderful feeling. Add to that the security of having a community of fellow believers who support you, and what more could a person want?”

Nurturing can do wonderful things for us. Methinks that while Jeanne seriously doubts a touch and feel and actively involved God she is mucho aware of how God, imagined as He may be, plays a significant role in our individual human spirit and the travels and travails of humanity.

Michael Harms cites Sigmund Freud saying …

“… once people reach intellectual maturity the belief in God will no longer be needed.”

I don’t think so. We don’t grow out of it but instead as we mature our awareness grows, we better appreciate it, we more use it and we grow into it.

Truefreedom (Suzie) says …

“I believe God would like to have a personal relationship with everyone of us. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I know it. Yes, He draws us to find the answers in Him, and those who truly meet Him are not disappointed.”

Suzie transacts with a touch and feel actively involved God. Me too. God and I visit daily. Both Suzie and I have “holes.” That’s okay. We also have “holes” in our relationships with touchy feely and actively involved people. Let God be true and may every man acknowledge flaw and quest for truth.

We have a need. Let’s seek, hopefully find, and accept what it offers to nurture our spirit, resolve and only when totally beyond our control, when we have done all we know to do, appropriately surrender.

George H. Birkett

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