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Hello Susie. What a beautiful post, but please…paragraphs for the “elderly” among us.

It is very difficult for me to accept this idea of life without god:

<<All of our comings & goings through life mean little, if we miss this great purpose for our lives. And if we live to be 100 years old, never knowing Him, it is a sad, wasted oppurtunity. What good is it…if we live to be 100, and’ve missed the whole point in being alive? >>

My life is so full of joy of family, of nature, of hard work, of hope for the future, of grandchildren to come. The whole point of my being alive is to prepare for my progeny, to hope for the betterment of humanity, to add my little bit to the ‘project’ and to “dream the impossible dream.”

If I could live forever, I would…if I could maintain my health and a fairly youngish body. I would live forever…and oh the things to see, both good and evil, joyful and sorrowful…but I should like to be here to see them. But I will die.

And when it is over…the sleep of nothingness, as I was before conception…non-existance..and I am okay with that.

But do not tell me that my life is wasted because I have no deity belief. My life is full, my legacy is honor, reason, atheism…and love.


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