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Susie A

But do not tell me that my life is wasted….

Actually Jeanne, it wasn’t you I was directing this to, it was all. And I hadn’t expected you to reply to it…but where the rubber meets the road, my convictions had me say it. I, personally don’t want to tell you anything that would make you feel bad, or offended. At the same time…I can’t skirt issues like this to spare the feelings of others, when I feel a need to share what I know to be the truth. Maybe I didn’t have to put in the offending paragraph, maybe I did. But it wasn’t out of malice or to criticize. And as fulfilling as some of our lives may be…we musn’t ever take on the mind that there isn’t more fulfillment & purpose & benevolence to be discovered. At least not until we’ve met Christ…then, and only then…would it be okay to walk away from Him saying “no thanks, I have enough, I’m completely satisfied.”

But you wouldn’t be able to do that.

Thank you for at least responding, and again for your sincerity. It makes the silence of the others who don’t respond, flow out into the river of friendship that I so appreciate with you.

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