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Hello Dear Sister,

Many of us ladies have or have had this dilemna. You have been given some good advice. I would like to add 1 Peter 3. Please look this up and ask the Lord to reveal to you how you can win your husband. I also recommend this sermon which you can order for free:http://www.charityministries.org/tapeministry/detail.cfm?index=GH11

You can either order it or listen on download from the net.

Most men if treated the way explained in this tape will become better leaders.

Also, do not forget to fast. The enemy of our souls loves to see men not leading and especially women not following. It is hard when we get to the point where we are tired of him not leading we have to make sure he knows we are truly ready to follow.

Blessings to you as you seek to do what is right. God will honor your godly requests.

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