Home Forums Re: The husband is the leader?

Noelle N

Thanks for answering this one. I have been away for awhile and didn’t check back, so I forgot I even posted this. But it’s a good thing, because I got great advice from all of you! I have been praying about it, and in a typical God-like fashion, He answered in a very round-about way. My husband made a new friend at school, who is not only a Christian, but a strong one. He influenced hubby as I couldn’t have, and now he is taking his faith much more seriously. He is making an attempt to study the Bible on his own, and when I want to discuss things about home life, he is much more willing to listen now. (He’s even tithing, which he refused to do before…) All this through prayer, and a new church he feels comfortable in. (Amen) Thanks for the advice!

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