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Ellen Herner

Hi Noelle,

My husband and I had similar issues but most of them were of my making. You see, before I became a Christian, I had to be the boss. I ran the household, the children, everything, because no one could do it but me. In effect, I emasculated my husband and made it so that he couldn’t even make a decision without me! Then 2 years ago I accepted Christ and realized the folly of my ways! Well, it wasn’t until I started “allowing” my husband to take the lead AND his rightful place that I realized how my horrible stress I had placed on the entire family and myself. It’s been a slow process because we both have had to learn how to be in the proper roles, but we’re learning and it’s helped our relationship a great deal. I will pray for you as you and your husband make this journey. God bless.

With love in Christ,


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