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Greg Wilson

Missiongirl said:

Funny thing…I posted this a while ago, and low and behold come back to check it, and I am still in the same position. I honestly can’t think of another couple I can go to about this, other than my parents, and that would not be healthy for our marriage if I involve my parents in our problems. Besides he would veto that for sure, even though he likes my parents a lot. I tried getting us to pray together. That lasted about a week. He doesn’t like having discussions on faith ever. When I try to discuss spiritual problems I am having, he doesn’t understand and tries to give me secular advice. Would it be nasty of me to go to one of his buddies (the new teen pastor) and explain my situation to see if I can get him to help us out? I am not sure my husband truly understands what being a Christian is, although he swore he was saved when he was little.

Just general advice, keep praying and keep being as supportive and loving as you can be.

I wouldn’t say it would be good idea to talk to the teen pastor regarding problems that are shared by both of you without his agreement. It probably would be best to ask him if he would be comfortable talking with his buddy regarding the situation. Assuming he knows that you feel there is a problem, if he doesn’t know you feel there is a problem then obviously he should know how you feel.

Maybe getting involved with a church or bible study or some Christian clubs could help you find a strong Christian couple to get advice from.

May God guide your marriage and carry your burdens,

Greg W

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