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The few atheists who post here in atheist debate are not looking for salvation, or for reasons why we are atheists, or to convert any christian to atheism, or to deny that your faith is important to you.

We like to debate, and Praize offers a civil arena for intelligent discourse.

You ask:

<<1. Has This God the very thought of a Supreme being upset your life style ? Has This ” God ” offended you in any way ?>>

I have always been me, and have been satisfied with being me..whether christian, deist, or atheist. I find the christian deity of scripture to be offensive, yes. “God” has never been experienced by me, so I cannot be offended by that being.

<<2. In your joining a select group denying ” God ” has that changed the possibilities ?>>

I became an atheist before I even knew the word. When I finally got a computer, I was delightfully astonished that there were others like me. If I was still alone in my atheism (not that I know of more than a dozen atheists on a personal level) I would remain a non-believer. Nothing would change.

<<3. What are your thoughts concerning ” Jesus … His life … His death … His resurrection ? ” Is this Jesus a stumbling block to you?>>

If I think on the purported philosophy of Jesus, it is not unlike my own. And not unlike many other philosophers before and after his supposed life. It makes an interesting story, but hardly noteworthy, and certainly contested even among the writers of the many gospels. I do not think that the man called Jesus who fulfilled the prophecies of ancient times actually existed. Nor do I believe in the fantasy of the resurrection myth of Jesus or any of the other “saviors” who are mythological legends. I don’t think on Jesus at all when I am not debating his life or merits or myth.

<<4. The Challenge to you is the desire to know whether “God IS ..”>>

I have no desire to return to superstitious beliefs in supernatural entities. I am… that is all that is important. That and how I live my one and only life. That is challange enough.

<<5. When each one of us finally have encountered the Living God

… I am not sure of the word for God’s Name it means ” I am that I am “>>

Yes..so I have read. But there is only your belief that there is a living god..one among many living gods, all of whom I consider to be human inventions.

<<6. May your hearts be open to the knowledge of Gods word and God increase the seed sown .>>

May you one day realize your own worth, and know that human knowledge is the only light we need in the dark.

I hope you will remain a good person, and always think “What should Michael do?” before you think “What would Jesus do?”

with respect for our shared humanity,


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