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Hello Michael.

I wanted you to understand why I and the few other atheists post here. It appeared that you might think we may be looking for “something.”

You write concerning my thoughts about God in scripture:

<< To even think that seems strange to me as it does imply the very place you enjoy to visit is also a place of offence.>>

Well…you have learned something about this atheist. I have little doubt that some christians are offended by the God of other monotheists. Many atheists find offense against humanity in scriptures, and place the blame directly at the alter of the christian God. That seems a very good reason not to accept a deity’s existance.

<<Maybe its not ” God ” that Atheist are really ANTI … it seems more likely to be Jesus Christ and His disciples ..>>

No, atheists do not think any Gods exist. Some non-christians accept Jesus as a philosopher, as do some atheists.

Atheists often encounter christians and other monotheists who want only for them to find the joy and peace that they feel comes from their God alone. I think their good wishes can be appreciated. But…most of us grow weary of saying thanks, but no thanks.

I know that each believer feels that she/he might just be able to reach the non-believer, and no doubt some of those wavering between belief and non-belief may be persuaded. But not this atheist, and probably not any of the atheists who post in this forum.

I could no more believe in gods again then I could believe in Santa Claus again.

It does not matter what the bible says, nor what good christians say or do, nor what great religious leaders say, nor what fortuitous coincidences occur, nor what terrible troubles I or my loved ones endure, nor if the planet was dying next week.

The possiblity of my believing in God or any deity is so extremely improbable that it must be considered zero.

We have had some topics which discussed what could possibly make us believe in God, and the revelations are demanding, so of course, we are told that God does not give in to demands. He wants us to believe based on faith, not facts.

Well, there you have it. Stalemate.

Your kind thoughts are appreciated.


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