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Jeanne I realise that ” christian ” Forums do have more civil arena for intelligent discourse,

even so the fundamental beliefs of Christians are concerning Jesus Christ, Jehovah , God .

Now you said ( the few Atheists are not looking for salvation ) I never mentioned salvation in this thread ..

In when you say civil , your response to the very first point

(I find the christian deity of scripture to be offensive) yes. “God” has never been experienced by me, so I cannot be offended by that being.)

To even think that seems strange to me as it does imply the very place you enjoy to visit is also a place of offence.

It is We Christians in the world who all reach out to advise speak of the reality of the Lord God .We are genuine ,not ogres , we are followers of God :God’s Word the Bible is full of wonderful things which can help you in life NOW .

It is part of Gods plan to reach every person , sometimes medicine is hard to take …

Maybe its not ” God ” that Atheist are really ANTI … it seems more likely to be Jesus Christ and His disciples ..

As one of the ” Elect , the church or Body of Christ ” My prayer is for you : Jeanne and any other fellow ” non christians “….

” May the Love of God ,through the Power of the resurrected Jesus Christ bless you Now . The outpouring of His Love meet you at the point of your need, the eyes of your Spirit be enlightened to the Truth concerning God’s Love for you, in the Name of God’s dear son the Lord Jesus Christ,Amen ”

“When Jesus had completed what His Father had asked him to do wherefore He Jesus was given the Name above every Name that is named” God bless you all in Him , ever more Michael

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