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Michael, I know you believe this:

<< With respect Jeanne Christian education is and should be a greater foundation for every child . >>

But you are wrong.

Christian education teaches children to be intolerant of anything that is different from what their religious leaders say is the “true and correct and godly” way.

Christian education teaches children to feel guilt all their lives.

Christian education teaches children that the bible is truth, that the christian deity is the one and only answer to everything.

Christian education teaches children to stop asking questions, and to submit to authority… just because it is authority.

<<Where as a Christian you we do have a choice in How we live according to Gods word and commandments>>

As a christian you live by guilt and fear as you have been taught. It is that which guides the life of a christian. You will say it is love, but love does not require a deity.

We all have a choice (ignore my determinalism) to live ethical lives. Unless our choice is raped from us by evil in the form of governments, cults or individuals with absolute control over us, we have a choice to try to live well in honor and harmony.

That choice is set in our family life most usually. Trust me, it does not require deity belief, and most certainly is not limited to one deity as you would have us believe.

To assume so is another trait of those reared with christian education…arrogance in the importance of their own faith.


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