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The good news is…….

Yes …. God does exist .

Yes….. This God does answer requests ( Gods mind is and always has been for your good )

Yes … even to each of those who either have no knowledge of Him or just plain dont want to know .. This very Lord desires only the best in your life now… even Tony who has needs like every man woman and child.

The lack of understanding is only Ignorance

Basically there are two kinds of Ignorance

1. Just plain lack of knowing

2. Willful Ignorance ( just no desire to know )

While the Atheist ponder on how not to …and how to Ignore

The Christian ponders how to ..and how to know

May you discover the reality of the Living Lord Jesus Christ one day Tony.

Like Saul who went about opposing what he at the time thought was the honest truth … when he found that God was real His life was then filled with Gods Passion .

You could also compare life to God purpose flowing ( to move with Gods Plan everything work together… to oppose such is ultimately complete failure ..total loss .

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