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Michael, it is you who are assuming that our atheism is a phase, a whim, an ignorance that can be replaced by “true knowledge”, or a rebellion against that which we must finally face as “real.”

You also assume that YOUR deity is the Only True God. You apparently also assume that we who differ in our opinions about your OTG are actually seeking it despite our non-belief. Or else…Why would we be here, eh?

Pay attention, please. I am here because I enjoy civil and intelligent debate about the existance or non-existance of deities and other supernatural entities/realms. I offer an atheistic viewpoint here on the “atheist debate forum”. I enjoy discussing the similarities between believers and non-believers, and think that representing my atheistic lifestyle as an intelligent and ethical philosophy can help bridge the sometimes enormous gap between the two. As a parent who has reared her children to adulthood without deity belief and without the bible and without the church, I offer proof through my children’s success in life and choice-making that God is not needed to produce a happy family or good children.

You, Michael, do not have to be on the atheist debate forum. It is not the save atheists forum. If you want to praise God, then there are other most excellent forums and clubs right here on Praize for that.

I hope you understand.


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