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It’s as if everything I said went completely over the evangelist’s head…*boggle*

Christian: “Hey atheists, I have a message for you from the Great and POWERFUL ALMIGHTY GOD! He LOVES you and is THERE for you whenever you need HIM! I just pray that you come to know Jesus’ love before it is TOO LATE!”

Atheist: “What do you mean “too late”? I thought you said he was all about love?!”

Christian: ” HE IS! But if you don’t somehow cause your mind to accept what it cannot accept and QUICKLY then Jesus is going to have to kick your arse!”

Atheist: “What sort of omnibenevolent deity goes around beating up on humans for being unable to believe that he exists when there is no evidence we find very convincing?!”

Christian: “Hey don’t look at me…I am just the messenger! You know if it were up to me…well, I would let you slide. Probably even make my existence apparent for you. What the hey right?”

Atheist: “You sound like a bad actor pretending to be a mafia leg-breaker?”

Christian: “Hey I’m not saying that you are GOING to Hell…I’m jus’ sayin’; things happen is all.”

Atheist: “Well, your claims, as they currently stand still sound like complete nonsense to me. There is nothing I can do about this. No matter how many times you repeat your Bible-quotes and bald assertions that God is real, my mind says to me “That sounds like BS!”. So if your God exists, what does he want? For me to LIE and say I believe in him? What would that accomplish? Why not just come to me and let me know that he exists? It makes no sense…”

Christian: “God is REAL!! And I hope you one day come to know HIS love and the FREE GIFT of salvation offered by our LORD and SAVIOR Jesus Christ!”

Atheist: “Yeah…you said that about 3 minutes ago. It did not impress me then either.”

Christian: “But our GOD is REAL and I hope that one day you come to know…”

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