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Ignorance is not an insult

Sure it is. It all depends on context and usage. If someone who happens to be an aeronaughtics engineer says that I do not know a lot about aeronaughtics then he is correct and has not insuloted me. But someone who knows not a fraction of what I know about a subject(such as atheism, skepticism, critical thinking etc.) who then offers the following:

2. Willful Ignorance ( just no desire to know )

While the Atheist ponder on how not to …and how to Ignore

The Christian ponders how to ..and how to know

THAT IS an insult. All the more so becasue there is not a grain of truth in it. Calling a violent man who commits manslaughter accidentally during a bar fight a “murderer” is an insult but one he probably has earned by being so violent in the first place and causing the death of another.

But calling a rather pacifistic man a “murderer”, slanderously is not only insulting but doubly so.

But the point is this: I always take great care to think about what otehrs write to me…to think about my response and to craft my response as such. I commit a lot of typos when I am in a hurry but I never just ignore what otehrs write and respond to something I imagine them to say because that is disrespectful and does not further the discussion. That is why I tend to quote people verbatim…to show that ‘Here is what soandso said, here is my take on it and here is my answer to it…’.

But seldom am I treated with the same care. More often than not I am met with straw man arguments(someone attacking a position I do not hold because it is easier to attack than my own), bald assertions(i.e. “Goes really does exist Tony and if you were not so full of pride/arrogance/willful ignorance, you would aknowledge this as you already know it in your heart…blah, blah”) and the like.

I have stated my case, provided reasoning/sound argument and evidence for my position. Either address my argumetns/points/reasoning/evidence or concede them. What good does giving someone, who is unconvinced by your bald assertions, more bald assertions? Does repeating that “God is real!” for the thousandth time lend it anymore credence than the second or third time?

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