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Hey Michael.

The good news is that no deities exist.

Since no deities exist, there are no answered requests/prayers.

You write of ignorance:

<<The lack of understanding is only Ignorance

Basically there are two kinds of Ignorance

1. Just plain lack of knowing

2. Willful Ignorance ( just no desire to know )

While the Atheist ponder on how not to …and how to Ignore >>

Blessed are those who lack any knowledge of deities or deity beliefs, but I sincerely doubt any such creature exists besides the very, very young and the young of atheists prior to interaction with children of theists.

Willful ignorance..I have willfull ignorance of some things…like, ummm.. wow, I can’t think of anything I have willful ignorance of. With movies and television, magazines and the internet..and I am not even an avid consumer. There are things I WISH I did not know about, but once information creeps into or flashes into ones mind it is kind of hard to remove it. Okay, I know they exist, but I really do not want knowledge about the parasites which can plague the human body. I chose to remain willfully ignorant about their symbiosis with us..please!

You assume that atheists are willfully ignoring information about God, but that just isn’t the case. There is no information about God, christian or otherwise, that is factual information.

We can know of the mythology of the christian deity, but that is no different that our knowing of the mythology of any of humanity’s deity beliefs.

And please believe me when I tell you that the term “mythology” does not imply an insult to christianity. It is all the same to atheists.

You write:

<<You could also compare life to God purpose flowing ( to move with Gods Plan everything work together… to oppose such is ultimately complete failure ..total loss . >>

Most humans are connected and grounded in the motion of their life as it relates both to other humans and to the Universe. Some more than others, however. You are correct in stating that those who lack connection, who lack a grounding do suffer a failure of some degree..some more than others, unfortunately.

But what you call God’s Plan is just the grand and awesome scheme of nature. Einstein’s “God” is just that.

It is better to trust in human intellect, than to believe that God is guiding your life. Instead of God, use the intuitive senses that build practical life knowledge including common sense.

Well…that is what this atheist does.


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