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That must be because your built-in BS filter (brown sugar, of course) must be functioning. It was the ‘christian’ vote that put Bush in the White House….and, more precisely, the conservative RC vote that helped cement it. (thanks to the timely intervention of the Pope) I ALWAYS question (read that as ‘doubt’) anything anyone tells me when they have a vested interest in how I think or act.

I am not a Bushie and I would not have voted for Bush if I had the chance, but I am certainly happy that he crushed John Kerry. Before the election I argued on Catholic forums for people to vote for principled third party candidates rather than Bush. I think the RC vote certainly did help Bush beat Kerry and why not. He represents us more than the apostate Kerry.

I can hope now that Bush will have to listen to us because we put him in office. It is nice to hear him using the phrase of our late Holy Father John Paul (requiescat in pace) when he speaks of a ‘culture of life.’ I suspect that oftentimes they are just throwing us a bone (which is why I favored third party candidates) but if our demands are loud enough and backed with the threat of withdrawing support, perhaps some politicians will be serious about pro-life issues.

John Paul never intervened in the election if you are referring to him. Perhaps you mean the present Pope, then Cardinal Ratzinger, who said that voting for pro-abortion candidates was sinful. He was right. The fact is that the Church has the right and authority to make her position on this issue clear. John Kerry claimed to be a Catholic. Any politician who calls themself Catholic is responsible for what they support and legislate. I have no problem with the use of excommunication. Bishops are the shepherds of the Church and it is time for them to start leading and that starts with cleaning our own house.

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