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Ive been doing something thinking about a topic I have brought up before. Namely, the focus of the church on morality. And it still bugs me.

The church, by and large, is focused on personal moral issues, such as homosexuality and abortion.

The Church is focused on issues like abortion because it has led to the brutal and horrific murder of 42000000+ babies in this country since the Disaster (Roe v. Wade). This issue dominates the thoughts of Catholics because it assaults everything we believe about morals, ethics, religion and the family. Motherhood is a very exalted thing in Catholicism. The Church rejects contraception and regards large families as a blessing from God. Central to our horror at the abortion plague is our love for Mary and Jesus. The complete sanctity of the mother-child relationship is understood because Jesus became incarnate in the womb of Mary and dwelt in that holy temple for nine months. The very thought of abortion sickens us in an indescribable way. Hearing about an abortion is like getting kicked in the stomach.

Catholics are committed to the poor. Catholic charities are the largest non-government social service provider in the world. We are feeding the poor, clothing the naked, comforting orphans and widows, giving water to those who thirst, sheltering those without homes, etc. Our late Holy Father John Paul (God be pleased with him) reaffirmed our absolute commitment to the poor in the encyclical Centesimus Annus which was on the one hundred year anniversary of Rerum Novarum (Pope Leo XIII’s masterwork on social justice). He called again and again for a preferential option for the poor. The Church is committed to social justice, but that social justice must be based upon the Gospel and not the secular humanist fancies of men.

I agree with you that we should not ally too closely with the Republican Party. I believe the Republicans have sold out their pro-life supporters almost continually. They are also condoning and supporting any number of other evils. Among these, their support of world-wide globalized slavery (also known as free trade) is among the most abhorrent. I have fought the Bush worshippers among my co-religionists tooth and nail.

I do appreciate the good things the man has done though. I believe he is a genuinely virtuous man who attempts to do the right thing. It is also my Catholic and American duty to honor and respect the President. Bush-bashing and Bush-hatred is not acceptable. The Catholic faith teaches against sedition and the Apostles Peter and Paul instructed us to honor the authorities.

They can only be decided by an individual. No legislation will force people to change there ways.

This is a popular line but it isn’t true. Crack, heroine, and cocaine are personal choices as well. Drug use would be exponentially higher if such drugs were legal. I am not an absolutist on this issue because I believe there is just reason for a reconsideration on marijuana laws, but some things are just so destructive to society that they must be outlawed.

Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being. Making it illegal and shutting down all the planned parenthood death mills would certainly reduce it greatly. There weren’t 42000000+ abortions in the thirty years prior to Roe v. Wade, more like thousands.

Furthermore, why should the government give its blessing to sodomitical unions? By doing so the government creates a new institution to encourage immorality. The law certainly does effect this even though God never marries homosexuals and the Church does not confer the sacrament of matrimony on homosexuals.

Moral issues in society are absolutely crucial. There needs to be more (not less) work to stop the scourge of abortion. I do agree with you in so far as I believe the political response is knee-jerk and unenlightened, but that does not reduce my concern about such issues.

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