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Hi Greg:

Sorry, I didn’t get to finish my thoughts earlier….I was on my lunch break, and the bell went and school was back in…and, doggone it, they expected me to get back to work!!! The nerve!!

Anyway, I saw nothing in your original post that even suggested what you’re talking about now.

Quote:”It seems to be an expectation these days that if you are a Christian (especially evangelical, but increasing even for mainline churches) that you will support the Republican agenda.”

You are absolutely correct! There is a radical, coercive, controlling mindset that propogates this claptrap. And, sadly enough….it is those in the ‘church’ who rationalize and justify all of the deadly imperialistic actions of Bush and his neocon advisers…and conversely impugn the ‘salvation’ or the spirituality of anyone who doesn’t support him, or support the mythical ‘war on terror’, or the ‘war on the poor’, ‘the helpless’, the dispossessed, etc. All those who aren’t/can’t filling the coffers of the business cabal that run this country, regardless of which party is in power.

Quote:”What I am hoping to do is to help people to question why we have this alignment with the Republican party.”

Well, part of this is at least partly because the Dems cling to their outmoded support of abortion on demand, and affirmative action on homosexual issues, etc. This makes it easier to manipulate people into feeling that their only viable party to support is the Republican. If the Democrats would face the fact that so much more is known about the life of the unborn (and the damage done to the abortive mothers) than they knew back in 1973 when Roe vs Wade was the news…..then I’d like to believe that many ‘thinking Christians’ (if that isn’t an oxymoron, lol) would feel free to vote their conscience, based on ALL the issues, not just the hot button ones.

Quote:”Certainly their stances on personal morality seem to be more in line with biblical idealogy (I personally question that,..”

That must be because your built-in BS filter (brown sugar, of course) must be functioning. It was the ‘christian’ vote that put Bush in the White House….and, more precisely, the conservative RC vote that helped cement it. (thanks to the timely intervention of the Pope) I ALWAYS question (read that as ‘doubt’) anything anyone tells me when they have a vested interest in how I think or act. The old saw about ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ certainly holds true today in the halls of power.

Quote:”In terms of anti-murder laws…the law isnt what makes it immoral, its a conviction of the people that murder is not right.”

I’m not sure you grasped my point…that was when I was rushing to finish before the bell went.

Whatever ‘moral laws’ you want to name, murder, rape, theft, assault, etc, are/were based solidly on God’s moral law as found in the Bible, as expressed through a consensus of citizens at the time. [b]Thus, we actually DO legislate morality! And, we do it all the time! The fact that passing laws against acts like this DOESN’T eliminate murder, rape, theft, etc, is obviously NO REASON or JUSTIFICATION for saying “It is a personal decision, and to pass laws will not prevent it from happening, so why bother?” If these things are ‘personal wrongs’…then they are also societal wrongs. Likewise with abortion, euthanasia, and many other moral/ethical issues that simply haven’t been thoughtfully revisited and addressed by our societies. In this case, for once, I believe that the ‘church’ is actually on the cutting edge of morality and ethics….far moreso than our ‘culture’ is. (I realize that historically this has not usually been the case, but now, and on this issue, it is the society that simply hasn’t dealt with the ethic of killing babies simply for the convenience of either parent.

I read an interesting article some months ago titled, “No longer a Christian” by a lady in New Mexico. If you’re interested, I’ll send it to you via email attachment. (hint:she wasn’t apostate, just so disgusted by what passes for ‘christianity’ in North America that she was seeking another term for her faith)

Quote:”I question how often the actual presence of the law is what causes a person to not kill someone. I would say very rarely, but that is a guess.”

Well, there’s an old saying that ‘locks are made to keep honest people out’, and a corollary would be that ‘laws are for the law-abiding’. However, if you honestly think that there wouldn’t be a dramatic upsurge in crime if all laws were abrogated…..I’d like some of what you’re ‘smoking’! (based on knowing and working with many thousands of criminals in prison over a quarter of a century!)

As far as the politicization of ‘christianity’ mixed with the ‘religionizing of government’, I subscribe to the slogan penned by Jim Wallis of ‘Sojourners’ (no relation, lol) during the election campaign: “God is NOT a Republican…OR a Democrat!”


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