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Greg Platt


To be more specific then –

It seems to be an expectation these days that if you are a Christian (especially evangelical, but increasing even for mainline churches) that you will support the Republican agenda. I have had many people question how I could stomach voting for someone who was not Bush in the most recent election.

Sometime in the past, the Republicans became the “Christian” party, as it they uphold all that is right in society, and the Democrats became the party of atheists and communists.

What I am hoping to do is to help people to question why we have this alignment with the Republican party. Certainly there stances on personal morality seem to be more in line with biblical idealogy (I personally question that, but for the sake of argument…). However, the liberal agenda promotes a societal morality, which is also in line with biblical teachings. Ideally we would have a candidate run on a Christian platform, without the extra conservative idealogy tossed in, however I do not see that occuring. Instead what I see is the church supporting the party that hammers down on the personal moral issues, where they are largely ineffective, instead of considering supporting a party which allows for personal freedom, but aligns itself with a more biblical social policy.

In terms of anti-murder laws…the law isnt what makes it immoral, its a conviction of the people that murder is not right. The law simply punishes those people who violate the societal morals. I question how often the actual presence of the law is what causes a person to not kill someone. I would say very rarely, but that is a guess.


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