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Hi Greg:

Quote:”The church, by and large, is focused on personal moral issues, such as homosexuality and abortion.”

I’d say that this is too sweeping a statement….and, as most such broad statements, then becomes at least partially untrue…primarily because it is forcing people/churches into rigid molds and positions that they don’t necessarily belong in.

The church, by and large, is very broadly focussed on many issues, many on evangelization, others in a narrower focus of it, ie;missions, others on ethics in general (which is greatly lacking, both in our cultures and in our churches), and, yes, on both personal morality and the responsibility of government to support even a generic morality, and the responsibility of our educational systems (also run by gov’t) to inculcate such ‘morals’ in our children and youth. Add to that the nurturing of children, youth, college-agers, midlifers, and seniors….and I would say it simply isn’t accurate to claim that the ‘church’ is solely or primarily focussed on abortion and homosexual marriage.

As regards ‘morality’ only, I still don’t feel it is accurate. Different issues arise at different times, and so attention and energy are directed at them precisely when watershed decisions are being made…..that by no means limits the overall focus of the church in terms of morality.

There are issues like honesty, character, ethicality, etc, which all involve ‘morals’, and, particularly in our political/legal/judicial systems seem to be somewhat lacking.

Other issues are corollary issues connected to ‘life’, such as how do we claim to be people who value ‘life’ and say nothing about the encroaches of proponents of either voluntary euthanasia….or involuntary euthanasia.

What about sex-ed and morality in general…..BEFORE we have unwanted pregnancies?

Quote:” I am not implying that personal moral issues are not important, they are. However, they are also personal. They can only be decided by an individual. No legislation will force people to change there ways.”

Sorry….but you seem to be implying that government has no place in ‘legislating’ morals. If so, I’m afraid that is simply false. Both criminal law and civil law is full of ‘moral judgments’….and are in effect, llegislating morality’.

I’m not familiar with your criminal code, but I am with ours, and most of what it tells me is at least nominally ‘moral’, and involves judgments, and proscribles ‘immoral’ behaviour. (ie; illegal behaviour) Just because people still murder is no reason to toss the laws as unworkable, or to say that it is a ‘personal’ decision.

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