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Susie A

“What I really want people to do is consider more than a few emotional moral issues and really see the entire “Christlikeness” of what they are voting for. That voting against abortion may be a vote against AIDS prevention. Or a vote for war. And people have to draw their own conclusions. However, I think this is an issue to rarely considered within Christian circles”.

I can see your frustration at the way things are, Greg. I agree. I believe this mess is one of the reasons the Word says to pray for our government & leaders. We can do our part in voting. But it has proven to be a throw of the dice as to whether we will get what we thought we’d get, because even people in leadership can & do fail to keep their word. They “change their minds”, and are able to trump over what the “people” want & expect. I think because we get so busy with our own lives…we don’t find the time to take good, long looks at the things you mention, and maybe we should.

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