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Hi Greg:

I’m not Susie….but I hope you don’t mind if I make a stab at addressing some of your questions.

Quote:”Do you believe that a law would stop the actual committing of these acts?”

This seems to be somewhat of a ‘red herring’ argument. What has this to do with same-sex marriage? In general, though, we pass many, if not most laws, in the full knowledge that the ‘law’ won’t stop the actual acts…at least by some. Laws proscribe behaviours and actions….they set out the acceptable parameters that define the limits that society decides to place on these behaviours and actions. This is accepted in society by virtually all except perhaps the anarchists and libertarians, and, of course, the criminals that flaunt those laws.

Quote:”Opposing a law does not mean endorsing the behavior, it may simply imply that you feel our time and efforts are better spent on other Biblical issues.”

Personally…I don’t think so! That would be ‘ignoring’ said law….in order to concentrate on other ‘Biblical’ issues. If one invests time, trouble, and emotion to actually oppose something….it is logical to presume that they have a vested interest in the outcome…..totally apart from whatever other worthwhile endeavors they might espouse; especially since they’d be far better just working on their ‘other’ issues, rather than spending time and energy opposing a law that you say is irrelevant to them.

Quote:”In what way does homosexuality threaten family values?”

This is sort of a ‘straw-man’ argument…since the issue is same-sex (homosexual/lesbian) marriage….NOT NECESSARILY homosexuality itself.

Quote:”I cannot determine how my married life would be impacted by two men (or women) getting married.”

Have you actually made the attempt to look at some of the arguments offered? Or is your position ideologically driven? I think that there are many viable points made by opponents, but in order to discuss this, one would need to be motivated enough to actually look at them and think about them.

Quote:” saying that “the poor will always be with us” is a fairly weak response..”

Well, it might be….but you’d have to take that one up with Jesus, okay? It was, after all, His statement!

Quote:”Why should the church be the standard bearer on homosexuality, but not for the poor.”

Why the false dichotomy? Why do you always present these kinds of issues as a ‘one or the other’….with no alternative….such as ‘both/and’. Just wondering! And, by the way, as poor or inadequate as you or I might deem their response…..MOST of the private efforts to assist the poor (both home and abroad) IS done by individual Christians and/or the organized church. I sure don’t hear of agnostic or atheist relief efforts, care homes for the elderly, orphanages in third world countries, efforts to fight the scourge of Aids in Africa, OR the local soup kitchen. Do you? Yet…in all of these areas, and many more, it is faithful individual Christians, and whole companies of believers (churches/denominations/parachurch organizations) that are stepping up to the plate. (I am in no way implying that individual agnostics/atheists can’t or don’t to some extent give to charities like United Way or whatever…however, studies have shown that giving is vastly higher among faith-based groups.)

Quote:”Isnt feeding and housing your family a family value?”

Yup! ALL contributions gratefully accepted!!! (LOL)


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