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“Laws proscribe behaviours and actions….they set out the acceptable parameters that define the limits that society decides to place on these behaviours and actions. This is accepted in society by virtually all except perhaps the anarchists and libertarians, and, of course, the criminals that flaunt those laws.”

So lets say we get a national law against same-sex marriage. This pretty much maintains the status quo, just with more force. However, my understanding is that it is the homosexual ACT which is the sin. And a law banning the marriage is rather unlikely (imo) to decrease the amount of homosexual activity. I suppose an argument could be made that allowing the union of homosexual gives a perception of acceptablility to the behavior. While I personally would disagree with that, I can see the idea has some merit.

As for the so-called false dichotomy. The current political parties create the dichotomy. You have a republican party which is more likely to support corporate profits over responsibility. And is more likely to cut funding to social assistance programs. On the otherhand, you have a democrat party which has mostly taken up a position for homosexual marriage and abortion, pretty much just to be in opposition to the republicans. Now, I think this situation stinks. But its reality right now.

It may be that I simply have a jaded view of government (okay, i DO have a jaded view of government). But as I look around, I see that we have two real options…I government which calls for personal morality, without really wanting to do anything for the people. And a party that supports social intiatives, but is more permissive in what it deems okay. Neither of these is good. Why we cannot have a morally conservative, socially liberal candidate, I dont know. Well,I do know, but thats another discussion.

Also, I realize that I may have given a false impression that I feel churches are not doing enough…this is not the case. However, I would prefer to see us supplement the church efforts with a secular (re: governmental) push for the same efforts. And I do not believe these things will occur so long as the political landscape remains unchanged.

I would love to see the church attempt to call the government to accoutability…ask why we hold back funding for AIDS prevention. Really examine why we can always fund money for war, but not for education. Its a sad truth that our current view on pregnancy/sex seems to be, 1) Do not teach them how to have sex safely, 2) Do not allow them to end an unwanted pregnancy, 3) Do not support them once the child is born.

What I really want people to do is consider more than a few emotional moral issues and really see the entire “Christlikeness” of what they are voting for. That voting against abortion may be a vote against AIDS prevention. Or a vote for war. And people have to draw their own conclusions. However, I think this is an issue to rarely considered within Christian circles.


Oh, I will also take contributions, but on the plus side, the people across the hall moved out, and our building no longer reeks of pot. So things are lookin up.

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