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Greg Platt


First of all, a question: In what way does homosexuality threaten family values? Do you believe that a law would stop the actual committing of these acts? Opposing a law does not mean endorsing the behaivor, it may simply imply that you feel our time and efforts are better spent on other Biblical issues.

Actually that is basically my question to each of your points. I hear people talking about homosexual marriage destorying family values, yet I cannot determine how my married life would be impacted by two men (or women) getting married.

Secondly, saying that “the poor will always be with us” is a fairly weak response. It implies that we ought to just give up. Sin is another thing that will always be with us, yet we fight against it daily .

Why should the church be the standard bearer on homosexuality, but not for the poor. Isnt feeding and housing your family a family value?

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