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Susie A

I feel..that as christians, it is our duty to vote for leaders & laws that come closest to God’s moral values. If we aren’t “for Him” in who we vote for–and the laws we vote in… then it would appear to me–we are working against Him.

Granted… ocasionally it is strategically better to “let sleeping dogs lie”… but when it comes to laws like this, we are opening floodgates that could prove to make a huge difference in the society our children and grandchildren live in. On the flipside…I do believe we need to hold our leaders accountable for not standing up for family values as promised, also.

Personal moral issues are “personal” now…but, if same sex marriage were to be voted in, homosexuality would have a platform for demanding more accomadations & rights. As christians….there’s a fine-line between tolerance out of love…and inviting moral decay into society. Even laws based on personal moral issues can affect society. All we have to do is look at the past, “forward march” of the homosexual movement. In the past, if a person was homosexual, it truly was a “personal” issue. But now it’s an army of a movement, that threatens family values as we have known it.

My 21 year old son spent 4 days in L.A. County jail for taking my car and wrecking it. We had to go back there to exchange his jail clothes for his belongings. The lobby was filled with homosexual couples, fondling each other openly, in a bold way that I don’t even see heterosexual couples do in public. Laws can either protect society from moral decay, or invite it. It matters what we allow. And now , it is a trend for many younger people to dabble in sexual acts with the same sex, even though they aren’t gay. They call it something, but I can’t recall what it is. It’s nolonger a “personal” moral issue, if it immerses society into it.

>>> “I just want people to consider whether prevent Adam and Steve from getting married is worth a government that would impoverish its people, deceive its citizens, and endanger the world”.

I see this as two diiferent issues. 1. Giving the homosexual movement the right to permeate and have an affect on society… and 2. The condition of our government.

Our government could afford changes, and yet I don’t feel it helps things, to pass laws that directly affect & threaten family values & society as we’ve known it. Family values & morality was never up for question before, but now… they’re being threatened & if we keep sitting back & tolerating and allowing laws of this nature to be passed , the society our children & grandchildren live in will change radically.

Same sex marriage is one thing, but it competes with the traditional marriage & family values we have lived by for centuries without ever questioning it.

Truly, this earth is NOT home for the christian, and yet while we live on it, we should always embrace the same things as God does.

>>>”Take for instance aiding the poor and less fortunate. Where is the great outcry from Christians against the lack of education, food, shelter, and clothing for the destitute in America? ”

I agree the churches could do alot more for this cause, but I remember Jesus said that “the poor would always be with us”, as (an ongoing thing) and it’s not just the church’s responsibility to look out for their poor and misfortioned. It’s humanity’s.

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