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Susie A


First of all, a question: In what way does homosexuality threaten family values? Do you believe that a law would stop the actual committing of these acts?”

I did see your point here, rahlin. In what way does homosexuality threaten family values? Well, keep in mind that the homosexual movement has gone from being “personal” about their sexuality, to… out of the closet. And now….there are even gay shows, and movies, depicting it as normal & accepted, even showing kissing & other intimate scenes between same sexes. To tell you the truth, I don’t want my grandaughter to ever see these things, nor do I want to have to explain to her what homosexuals are, and that the law allows them to get married like your daddy & mommy, gendering in her–new questions I would not want to answer. I think it would give children the impression that same-sex sex…is an okay option. Especially when we teach our kids to respect the Law. “If the LAW says it’s acceptable, than it must be”. I think it makes a mockery of marriage as we’ve known it. I think the passing of this law corrupts our government’s mind, corporately — to be even more accepting & tolerant in the future……until there’s no more order, where right and wrong are nolonger distinguishable. Where everyone will think it’s “okay” to jump from one sex to another (because it’s legally acceptable).

Yes, I think it threatens society. At least the society as we’ve known it.

“Opposing a law does not mean endorsing the behaivor”……….

I’m not sure what you meant by that.

“Secondly, saying that “the poor will always be with us” is a fairly weak response.”

Well, that’s “a” response I gave. I’m sorry if you were unhappy with it.

“Sin is another thing that will always be with us, yet we fight against it daily”.

Not all of us, Greg. There are many christians that live in such a way you would never guess they were christian. It’s not too uncommon anymore. But I know what you mean.

“Why should the church be the standard bearer on homosexuality, but not for the poor. Isnt feeding and housing your family a family value?”

I see your points, Greg. And they do merit discussion. But I feel that many churches have good outreach ministries & do contrbute to multi-causes. I feel that we cannot violate our own conciences by allowing laws to pass that are threat on morality. Not without protest. And yes… feeding & housing a family is a given. I agree.

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