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A choice between two ‘evils’ isn’t much of a choice.

Agreed. That is why I advocate a vote of conscience, even when the person has almost no chance of success.

If Kerry was the best the Democrats could come up with….they deserved to lose.


I certainly hope that my fears about where Bush and his neocons are leading your country….and by extension, mine, and the rest of the world…are unfounded.

I have many fears about where they are leading us. As I said, I am not a blind Bushie. One of my greatest concerns is his unwavering advocacy of worldwide slavery (free trade).

I suspect so too; it’s just the cynicism of politics. The Republicans seized on the largest single voting block in the country that could be manipulated and exploited into supporting them…and then played them like a fiddle.

Also agreed. What is going on here?!!

‘Fear’ is always a great motivator, and they’ve conjured up fears that have galvanized many into supporting unconscionable acts.

This is beginning to get out of hand. Stop saying things I agree to!

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