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Country Doc

Hi once again Michael,

The truth be known, a ship that is stopped can’t be steered [guided].

On the other hand movement alone doesn’t mean the ship can be giuded or steered either.

An anology; If you start the engines on board a ship while it is still in the harbor but there is no crew, no maps, no compass, it is very unlikely that it will even get out of the harbor at all. If it does get out of the harbor it will in all likelyhood wind up a derelict on a beach somewhere. If however there is a crew that can read the maps, use the compass, and guide the ship, it will reach its intended destination without incident 99.99% of the time.

So it is with the Christian, no matter the age. We must be moving along salvations highway, using the map of God’s word, and utilizing the guidence of the Holy Spirit. Without all of the foregoing it is most likely that we will not reach our desired destination unscathed.

Respectfully your brother in Christ,


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