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Dear Thomas,

I am very surprised that more people have not replied to your message. The Terry Schiavo case has set such a dangerous precident in our country. The Judge in this case, must have had his blinders on and his head buried in the sand to have given his ok to withhold food and water from her until death.

It was quite evident to me that Terry was murdered! She was in relatively good health! She had not committed a crime!!! So what if she was brain-damaged? Many people have survived large portions of their brain being removed and yet do reasonably well and can even walk around. So what if she used a feeding tube? Many persons are put on a feeding tube and no one decides they need to be erased from this earth just because of that. It was not a case of no one being able to “keep” her because of financial problems: her family, loving and willing, wanted to continue to take care of her which is what they HAD been doing so for many, many years!!! The family was donated large sums of money from various persons to help with any financial burden that may arise. It was never a question of tax-payers footing the bill. It was a battle for years for the family trying to get custody of her and away from her husband. The family had known and cared for her many more years than the husband even knew her! The husband “gave up on her” and started a new family. Ok…..if that’s what he wanted, but why deny her family the right to take care of her if they wanted to do so? This is beyond my understanding. He could have easily signed over his rights to her family and given up any responsibility for her care. He claimed that he had promised Terry that he wouldn’t allow her to live in a vegetative state. But it was clear to those who knew her and to any thinking person, that Terry had something going for her that was favorable and she was not suffering as one in pain would suffer.

From the footage taken of her in her last days shown on television, it was clear to me that Terry responded to her mother and had some cognitive functions. She was NOT in a complete state of unawareness of her surroundings. She seems to be content and enjoying her surroundings! It is really a pity and a breach of power of the courts to take what little she had away from her and her family.

Her autopsy showed that she would not have gotten over the major brain damage she had sustained. But listen, she had survived for years….what was it, fifteen years(?) since that incident and according to those around her, she WAS in great physical shape and would have lived many, many more years!!! I believe this to be true wholeheartedly from seeing her pictures. Her family was taking excellent loving, tender care of her and was very willing and able to continue taking care of her.

I believe that the courts overstepped their boundaries in the Terry Shiavo case. What business was it of theirs to cause the death of Terry Schivo after she had already come so far? Terry was a sister and daughter and friend of many people and they were all robbed of her simple life.

Are we now going to kill off all the people that are less helpless than we are? Less able? Less intelligent? Less able to get around? Less able to eat? Less able to solve problems? Less able to defend themselves? ……..May God help us!!!


PS There must be a turn-about in this case or we will regret it for the rest of our history. It is too late to save Terry, but we MUST try to reverse this case and any similar cases, somehow, someway, as soon as possible. We need to learn the difference between protecting the innocent and punishing the guilty.

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