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Country Doc

Hi Mizarc(foofuz),

You have ask most important questions. Each of your questions pertain to salvation. Salvation is defined in Webester’s Dictionary as 1. a saving or being saved. 2. one that saves. 3. saving of the soul. You will notice that each deffinition is an action. The young lady that you describe has indicated a desire for a change in her life. In order to change her life she must now take action. God will help her take action if, by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, she has or is taking God’s plan of salvation step by step.

For all mankind to recieve salvation there are steps that must taken. I like to call these steps “Our journey along Salvations Highway”. Let me explain; When you wish to take a trip to a destination you have never been to before it is wise to look at a road map. As you look at the map you will notice various landmarks along your way including turns that need to be taken in order to reach your destination. You can’t get to the second landmark untill you reach the first landmark. In other words you must pass each landmark in sequence. You must also make the correct turns along your route as needed or you won’t reach your desired destination. So it is with the road of salvation.

The starting point on the “Salvation Highway” is conviction. Conviction is sometimes called a two step process. First we are convicted of our sin and our need to be set free by the Holy Spirit. Second we are convicted of our need for Jesus Christ and His grace. Once we are convicted of our need the next step is conversation. When we are converted we see that we need to change our sinful ways and want to follow Christ. We want to become Christlike. With conversion we see the need for repentence and ask God to not only forgive us for our sins but to also ask for His help in following Him. As sinners we may want to change but find ourselves unable to change by our own efforts. In order to for us to change our sinful ways we must now accept the justification for our sins which is offered through the grace of Jesus Christ because of His sacrifice on the cross. Christ death on the cross showed the entire universe that God’s requirements for living could be met by a mortal man. Christ was mortal just like you and me. He was also Divine, He was God. This seemingly impossible combination of God and man is one of the great misteries in God’s plan of salvation. It is called the “Mistery of Godlyness”. By His life and death Jesus justified each of us before God the Father. Because of conviuction, conversation, repentence, and justification we can now be sanctified, or made Holy from sin. Sanctification can only be obtained because of the sacrifice and blood of Jesus Christ as He died on the cross for each of us His children.

You have talked with this young lady and she has indicated she wants/needs a change in her life. I used both the words wants and needs. You see almost everyone on the face of the earth, Christian and nonchristian, will admit that the world needs the principals of Jesus Christ today as never before. But needs have never been enough. Those principals must be wanted. As Christians we must be “want creators”. With the help of the Holy Spirit we must make the unsaved want Jesus Christ and His grace where by they may be saved.

To be saved we must be sanctified. Sanctification is not an event it is a lifelong process. Sanctification is what God works in us as we travel along “Salvations Highway” to our Heavenly home.

I pray that you will be a “want creator” for Christ. May you create a want in this young lady so that she will accept Jesus Christ and take His hand, by faith, and take each step along ‘Salvations Highway” home.

If I may be of service in any way please feel free to call on me at any time. In addition to posting here in this forum you may also reach me at thecountrydoc@praize.com or the countrydoc@cox.net.

Your brother in Christ,


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