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Thanks for your concern. A cell group is a small group in a church congregation that meets on a weekly basis to do Bible study in the evenings. In theory it’s a wonderful idea, and I really enjoyed being part of one until my husband also joined. Almost immediately he became very friendly with the widows who were part of this group. The reason why there were three widows in our group is that they probably joined because they knew about each other.

Initially, I thought nothing of his reaching out to them and I was also very supportive of them and was friendly towards them as well.

I started to feel unhappy about his friendships with them when he began to pay more and more attention to them in public and at the same time he paid less attention to me. When I voiced my concern he said he had felt that our marriage was very happy and strong enough to allow him to pay attention to those ladies who had no husbands.

Even to this day, he refuses to believe that they read anything more into his behaviour than pure friendship and he also refuses to believe they initiated many of the so-called ‘accidental’ meetings.’ He also refuses to believe that I could sense their negative vibes towards me. I would have felt he was after me if I had been in their shoes, so why wouldn’t they feel the same way?

We have left that cell group at my insistence, because I could see that he would never change his over-friendly behaviour towards them or they towards him. However, we are still in the same church and I can see those women resent me for taking the steps I did take. How can I ever convince my husband that those ladies are not the saints he makes them out to be because they knew I was hurt by their relationship with my husband, yet they continued to prise themselves into our marriage.

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