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It’s very good to receive advice from someone who knows what all this is about. It seems that men ignore the danger signals until it’s too late , and will keep asserting that these relationships are completely innocent. What I’ve come to realise is that they depend more and more on the boost they get from other women, especially as they begin to feel that they’re getting older and also when problems frustrate them. I suppose all we humans enjoy having a crutch to get us through the day.

The biggest dilemma will arise when he fails to read the danger signals, and continues to put his marriage at risk, especially where another lonely person’s involved who would love to have a man in her life gain.

I agree with you , sometimes one partner puts in 100%, but if it can keep the marriage intact it will have been worth it. For my part, I’ll never be as relaxed and sure of my marriage as I was in the past. I now know that one’s marriage can be placed at risk in the wink of an eye and that one constantly needs to pray for wisdom and insight to protect that bond between you and your husband.

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