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God I pray for deliverance for the Pearce family as they are going though these difficult times that the devil has put on them. I pray that during Mark’s court hearing you will deliver new evidence which proves him innocent, and you will just speak to the judge and the jury during these times. Let him be released not only for jail, but from the hands of satan.

Satan’s plan is NOT going to work God, not with you around. PLease destroy this plan, and take their lives and fulfill them for sticking by you through thick and thin like we are supposed to do.

God I bless this family for sharing this information with us, and I thank you that they are followers of you Lord. When their time is right God I know that you will deliver them of all of this evil. Lord please let their business stil be on the upside, as well as help their children understand what is going on with their father, and their family Lord. Protect them at this time God, in Jesus Christ’s name I pray. AMEN!

God Bless,


Psalm 139***

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