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Thanks for the replies, guys. It’s kind of funny what you said about JBLs, fredw56. My brother’s been a musician for nearly 30 years, and he’s a rock n roll guy. He is VERY partial to JBLs. lol! Now I know why.

About Peaveys, I have an old bias against that brand. I confess that I know nothing about their new products, but way back when they had a reputation for being “cheap stuff.” I never liked their sound, either. I’m sure today is different. I’ll have to get over it, I guess, if that happens to be the way we go. All I care about in choosing sound equipment is that we get great sound if we can. We don’t need it to praize the Lord, but it sure is nice. Let’s face it, it’s better to hear music that is clear and lyrics that are easily understood than not. Hey, even distortion is better when it’s clear and crisp! hehe.


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