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Kim Cabello

Many blessings Kelly and kids! God is awesome and will NEVER let you fall. I, too, homeschool my oldest son, and soon, my youngest will follow suit. This is my first year homeschooling as my boys are only 5 and 3 years old, but God called me to homeschool when I conceived my first. My husband had struggled immensely trying to find a good company to get in with causing near financial ruin for us. We claimed bankruptcy and could bearly afford food much less clothing and other necessities. Yet God still made it clear that we were to homeschool. When my son finally came of age to start school, God had been so faithful to us. My husband had been blessed with a great career and I no longer needed to work (other than seeing a few clients at home), but we have to be VERY wise with where our money goes as God has provided just enough for our needs. We have only one car that can be driven all year round (we have two cars, but one is a blessing and a LONG story!) and do not indulge in luxurys such as cable TV, cell phones, family outings and the like. But I am truly happy and feel so blessed! My boys are able to participate in sports and get involved in ways I would have never thought was possible. There is no greater blessing knowing that I am being solely supported by our heavenly Father; He is SO GOOD!! I have many blessings and many gifts that I cannot take for granted…thanks to may hard trials and rough roads!

May God bless you and your children richly as you continue to live in obedience to Him!

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