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I am sorry about the delay in responding. I have a lot going on right now and so don’t get as much time on the computer as I would like.

I see you are sticking with the idea there are three groups of sheep, while only two are referred to by John. Verse 26 refers to those who are “not of my sheep” and verse 27 refers to those who are “my sheep.” Please show me where this third group is that you can see in the passage.

In this post, you seem tp be losing patience with me. You say I have “renounced”, “rejected”, say I am making God “the author and contributor of evil,” and say I am “radically faulty altogether.” You also say I “grossly” mistate” something. I would posit, the Apostle John wrote these verses, not me.

You refer to the conjunction at the begining of verse 28. That same conjunction is in verse 27. That verse reads, “My sheep hear my voice AND I know them AND they follow me. That chain of conjunctions goes back to “My sheep” who the Father gave to him.

If you can’t find “free will” in this passage, than who’s problem is that?

I have over stayed my time at this computer. I have painting to do.


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