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You said, “what in heaven’s name do you expect me to feel?”

Well, I would expect you to walk in a manner that would be pleasing to the Lord. I sympathize with you in how dialogue has went in the past. As a matter of fact, you and I were a part of the rhetoric. Yet, now I have proposed an approach to address the issue with a sense of structure.

I know what you believe, and you know what I believe. What is important is that we learn to move away from making such continious judgmental statements and allow for a new start. In any case, I am willing to move beyond the past threads and treat my proposal to you as a new beginning.

I would offer you to read my opening post to see if it sounds fair to you. If you have the patience, I would offer to openly debate you on the issues of your concerns, and I would challenge you to address mine. I am willing to put the past behind me and start afresh.

Because you are confident that you have the truth, then I would kindly challenge you to defend it. Let’s stop the pointing of finger at one another and move directly into the debate without anymore distraction.

Please, I open the floor to you to begin stating your position and positing your question to me? I only ask that we follow the structure as posed in my opening post. Thank you.


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